VMware VI (vSphere) Java API


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The Virtual Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API was initially created by Steve JIN who used to work at VMware R&D with strong support/help from Sujit Panikatt, Rich Hogan, Marianna Tessel, Larry Jocobs, Jeff Hu, Carter Shanklin, Pablo Roesch, John Huang, Steve Herrod, Beng-Hong Lim, Colleen Lam, Krystia Przepiorski, Tom Elloit and etc.

The API was open sourced at sourceforge.net under BSD license in May 2008. It's now in version 5.0. We expect more people to contribute this project along the way.

Steve Jin is the author of VMware VI and vSphere SDK (Prentice Hall), and chief blogger at DoubleCloud.Org. You can subscribe to his blog here

The creator Steve Jin is excited that you are considering contributing to the vSphere Java API project. We are now working on a standard contribution process. You may send any questions you have on this topic to sjin2008 at users dot sf dot net.

Contribution Credits:

  • Tom Elloit (VMware) provided a sample code
  • Eric Forgette (NetApp) provided code for my deprecated code in Task.java
  • Elsa Bigonoli (Altor Networks) contributed a patch on the full traversal spec for Network, which becomes a ManagedEntity in vSphere 4.
  • Lu Yu (VMware) provided a fix for a missing method at HostNetworkSystem.java