VMware VI (vSphere) Java API


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"Having written my share of Java Web Services clients I very much appreciate Steve's VIJava contribution to the open source community. Even if all this project did was to set up the Axis or JAX-WS WSDL parsers it would have saved me plenty of time. It does much more.
With this API, my interaction with VMware infrastructure began using a well thought out, object oriented Java API. This saved me additional time as I could concentrate directly on the operational problems I needed to solve and not waste time with infrastructure.
Prior to investing my own time to use an open source project, I verify that it has an active community, and that bugs are tracked and responded to. In my view these are good indicators about the health of a project. Steve has been incredibly responsive to his users and he quickly triages and fixes reported bugs. What more could one really ask from FOSS? "
Michael Ottati, Principal Software Engineer, EMC Corp

"The VI Java API is an incredible project. It is easy to use, has great performance and the project developers are very responsive. It is a must-have for anyone interested in Java development with VMware vSphere."
James Burke, Software Engineer, NetApp, Inc.

“The development of the VI Java API represents VMware’s growth beyond a leading Virtualization company into a powerful IT platform strengthened by a burgeoning eco system of partners helping to make next generation computing a reality. Steve Jin’s vision of looking beyond virtualization API’s, understanding the importance of partner enablement, is yet another example of how VMware continues to outperform other platform vendors."
Aaron Bawcom, VP of Engineering, Reflex Systems

"We switched to using the VI Java API the day of its 1st alpha release in the Hyperic HQ plugin for VI3 and haven't looked back. Using the VI Java API is concise and intuitive, yet powerful and solved all the challenges we'd seen previously when using the SDK. We're also thrilled with the performance improvements and removal of dependency jars after upgrading to VI Java 2.0. Looking forward to tapping into the new vSphere features as well. A big thank you to Steve and the VI Java team!"
Doug MacEachern, CTO, Hyperic (now part of VMware with SpringSource acquisition)

“VI Java provided a very sensible wrapper around the SDK that allowed us to communicate with vSphere in a straight-forward manner. Steve Jin has been extremely responsive to requests and always worked to improve the library. It would have been extremely difficult and costly to write our application without it."
Brian McFeely, Principal Software Engineer, Tripwire

"I have been one of the early adapters of vSphere Java APIs. I am using these APIs right from its inception phase to develop applications & to perform all my experiments around VMware vSpehere. I still remember the days when I used struggle a lot for developing applications around VMware vSphere using their standard SDK APIs. But, once I started using the vSphere Java APIs, my work became much easier."
Prasanna LM, Software developer & tech enthusiast, TechSagar.com

"We at HyTrust have been using VI Java APIs for several months now: this is a powerful and well designed piece of software, that significantly streamlines and simplifies development for vSphere platform. Steve Jin has been very good at keeping the APIs up to date and resolving issues quickly."
Boris Strongin, VP Engineering and Co-Founder, HyTrust

"More than any other 3rd party product or service for the Virtual Infrastructure or vSphere platform, the VI Java API has enabled myself and my team to rapidly and quickly create intensely complex applications extremely quickly, with all the enterprise level error handling, etc. that you expect from a mature API. It took me, a novice Java programmer at best, less than a day to get started with the VI Java API and build a complex deployment tool, something that had taken me days with the Perl API. Thanks!"
Matt Cowger, Sr. Systems Engineer, Salesforce.com

"I've re-written most of my old app in the new and improved api. It's much faster and I'm liking the new manage object helper classes you have. Saving me tons of time! Thanks again, the new version is going to be far more manageable, performant and stable."
Erik Swan, CTO & Co-founder, Splunk

"I have introduced and used the VI Java API on a couple of successful client projects. I found it to be intuitively easy to understand and to code against. It's performance and stability was excellent. It made the vSphere SDK extremely accessible from Java."
Patrick Wyzorski, Senior Virtualization Consultant, 4Base Technology

"Having experience with many open source projects and integration libraries I have to say that the VI Java API really surprised me. It worked on my first try and finding my way through the vast API was very natural and simple. More than that, it seems like the library is so robust that I didn't even encounter a single bug."
Guy Korland, R&D Team Leader, GigaSpaces Technologies

"First of all thank you for the great job you're doing with this vi java toolkit, using it I was very impressed by speed and about how complete it seems to be, covering all VI3 SDK aspects."
Matteo Nasi, ICT

"They (VI Java APIs) were a lot more straight forward and more inline to the programming principles I was used to. This meant I was up and running within an hour or so and we got a fair way into it."
Shyam Madhavan, Independent Developer

"It (VI Java API) is working great, and it is much easier to use than using the webservices directly!"
Jacob Tjoernholm, VMware

"We find VI Java is a big asset for us. It is easy to use. I am amazed by its high quality and performance. I really appreciate for your wonderful work!"
Lu Yu, QA of ESX Automation framework, VMware

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