VMware VI (vSphere) Java API


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Note: New vSphere API and SDK Frequestly Asked Questions can be found here.

- What is this about?

Virtual Infrastructure API is an open source project created by Steve Jin from VMware R&D. It aims to simplify the use of VI SDK and improve the performance.

- How is this API different from VI SDK?

This API is built on top of the web services interfaces defined in WSDL included in VI SDK. To use this API 1.0, you have to get VI SDK installed and configured first. For more information on how to install VI SDK, please refer Developer's Setup Guide.

Since version 2.0, you don't need any installation and configuration of VI SDK. All you need is two jar files of this API and dom4j, which are all included in the binary download.

- What does this API mean to me?

If you are using Java to develop applications talking to VMware Infrastructure (vSphere), this API is for you. Using this API instead of the VI SDK web services interfaces results significantly less line of code, much faster, and much more readable code.

Here are two samples with the same functionality written with VI SDK (part of 100 lines) and with VI Java API (all 28 lines). You can tell the difference by yourself.

Also, take a look at the testimonials from the community.

- What is being released?

The binary, source code and some samples showing how to use the API. All are included in a single jar file.

- Where should I get started?

First, please check out the Get Started Tutorial. Optionally, read these two short documents: Get started with VI Java API (2 pages), and Object model of VI Java API (3 pages) listed at VI Java API documentation Links to PDF files are included in the documents.

Secondly, go to the download page and download the latest release. Once the downloaded jar file is included in your existing VI SDK project's classpath, you can start to program your first HelloVM program. Note: With 2.0 and beyond, you don't need any jar files from VI SDK.

- Can I use the API in Jython, Groovy, Scala?

You can use the API in any JVM languages like Jython, Groovy, Scala, etc. Here are tutorials:

- Does this project relate to other open source virtualization projects?

There is VI Perl project on sourceforge.net. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate and work with the community to build best in class, open source Java API, and utilities that will improve the overall user experience of VI SDK.

- What is the license?


- How to get in-depth tutorial and latest news

The most complete tutorial is the book VMware VI and vSphere SDK written by Steve Jin, the creator of this open source API.

To keep updated with the project, subscribe the blog: http://www.doublecloud.org/feed, and follow @sjin2008.

- How can I help with this project?

There are many ways you can help:

  • Develop your applications using this API and let us know the bugs and your wish list
  • Help others in the project forum
  • Share your experience with others
  • Become a contributor of this project.